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Weekly Guided Meditations

I say it all the time, "I'm a HUGE fan of meditation". Whether you're using it to boost intuitive abilities, unblock chakras, calm down after a crazy day or to determine what your next BIG step is... meditation is an incredible tool.

I've been guiding meditation classes for several years now and have found techniques that help my students heal, feel peaceful and open their intuitive abilities.

The meditations that you'll have access to will cover a broad range of topics like chakra activations, heart chakra healing, angelic guidance, and more.

Weekly Exercises

To me, these exercises are priceless. Each exercise is meant to help keep you aligned with feeling your best emotionally and spiritually.

Consider these exercises your go to whenever you're feeling "off track". They are meant to help open your chakras, calm you, release stuck emotions, rejuvenate your body and mind and much more. I use each of these exercises to keep my intuition sharp and to make sure I'm feeling my best on a daily basis.

Weekly Live Video Discussions

This is your chance to ask me ANY questions that you have about the topics of soul purpose and intuitive abilities.

In the last few years I've been able to work with hundreds of clients and reach millions of readers. During my work I've seen a TON of the same problems over and over again that keep spiritual seekers feeling stuck and confused.

During these live videos, we will talk about these recurring issues as well as what you can do to beat them once and for all.

Weekly Angel Card Readings

Too often we get hit with craziness during the week that completely throws us off our course. Conflict, business, emotional ups and downs, weird energy patterns, moon phases, unexpected responsibilities and so on.

Consider this your "spiritual weather forecast" for the week. Each reading will give you a "forecast" of what to expect for the coming week including channelled advice to help keep you centred and aligned with your soul purpose.


"I have been seeing Danielle for a couple of months now and noticed a great deal of change, in my attitude, my life and my whole being. I came in a little skeptical but all in all I am a true believer. She gave me the tools and confidence to better my life the way I want too. She helped me get grounded and guided my thoughts in a positive light. I will be continuing my sessions with her, it's like an addiction for a happy life."

- Nadia C.

And it all starts...


For a long time I had a nasty habit of isolating myself from the world every time I was feeling "off". Maybe it was low self esteem or maybe it was my fear of getting hurt but whatever it was..

Isolation kept me feeling alone and stuck in my own problems.

Reaching out to others is what FINALLY got me on the path to healing and living my soul purpose. I know now that if it weren't for the help of others in the spiritual community, I'd still be where I was a few years ago... having anxiety attacks and feeling hopeless by myself in my basement apartment.

That's exactly why this community exists. For other highly intuitive, soul purpose seekers to keep each other on track and centred. This is your "safety net" that can help hold you accountable for living your purpose. It's in this group that you can ask for help, meet others on a similar path, and feel inspired to keep on working to be the best you can be.


"I have known Danielle almost a year now and am truly grateful for all the clearing she has done for me. She has re-awakened my passion for life and totally realigned my perspective on all matters. I have found such relief in her sessions and each one is better than the last. She is an amazing intuitive healer who has the most angelic presence of any human I have ever met! Knowing her has enriched my life immensely.......and as a result.....benefits those around me too." Thank you for sharing your gifts Danielle!

- Isabella M.


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"Danielle, I'm in awe today. I woke up this morning finally not experiencing that ball in my stomach. You have no idea what that did to me and the impact you have had on me in the last two days. Denial, uncertainty, pain, failing, the unknown future are all words and feelings that surround me on a daily basis. I focus too much on why did I fail my marriage and what could I have done different and NEVER once thought about the idea that it takes two to make things work and that I need to be happy for myself and stop living this make belief life for everyone else. Thank you for all you do to help others."

- Maryann C.

Hi, I'm Danielle!

I’ve always been highly empathic. Meaning, I could easily pick up on people’s emotions whether I wanted to or not. I often felt overwhelmed and highly sensitive to other people’s energy and this kept me feel awkward and uncomfortable in social settings for a number of years. I also had a VERY strong sense that I was meant to do something big in the world but I had NO CLUE what that was.

With time, patience and a ton of practise I learned how to communicate with God and the angels and found the support that I needed to discover my soul purpose, learn the skills that I need and live my purpose every day.

My totally life changing conversations with God are documented in my published book, Infinite Kingdom: Ignite the Night.

It's been featured on Hay House Radio and HayHouse.com. My book has inspired many spiritual seekers to follow their soul purpose and learn to develop their intuitive abilities.